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Professional Hunters

The most important determining factor in the success of your safari is the professional hunter, whose skill and experience should protect you in potentially dangerous situations and enable you to take the trophies you are hunting for. His companionship and dedication is a big contributing factor to the overall enjoyment of the experience.


The PH's you will encounter when on safari with Nhoro Safaris are all experienced in the pursuit of Africa's mammals. From the Plains Game species that inhabit the open savannah to the mighty Cape Buffalo which is arguably the most dangerous of the Big Five. Each animal is unique in its habits and behavior, experience and respect are the most important factors when pursuing the various species.


Gordon Stark​

Gordon has been hunting in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana since 1990. His passion for  Africa has led him to establish Nhoro Safaris. His vast experience will contribute greatly to the success of your safari. Gordon has extensive experience in hunting the Big Five. His appreciation for the wildlife and people of Southern Africa soon becomes apparent and his enthusiasm for his chosen profession makes him one of the leading Professional Hunters in Southern Africa.

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