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What to bring on Safari

General Suggestions on what to bring:


  • A battery operated alarm clock

  • Raincoat

  • Odorless sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 20

  • A good hat

  • Three sets of hunting clothes, khaki or camo

  • A thick jacket as it gets cold during the winter evenings

  • Gloves, and possibly a small scarf

  • Well-worn and comfortable walking boots with thick socks

  • Personal medication

  • A good camera and enough film/memory sticks

  • Camcorders are welcome and remember the battery recharge equipment

  • Rifle and cleaning equipment (no semi-automatic rifles are allowed into the country)

  • Ammunition

  • Binoculars

  • Some people like to keep a diary of the daily events, so bring it along

  • If hunting during our summer months (September-April), insect repellent is advised

  • We make use of 220 V electrical power supply so if necessary please remember your    converter.


Suggested Rifles and Calibers


This can become a heated debate indeed when deciding what to bring. The general rule applies in this case where we suggest you bring the rifle(s) you are most comfortable with. It is important to spend time on the shooting range before your African hunt commences. You will sight your rifles prior to commencing the hunt, however, you must be familiar with your rifle. Apart from the suggested calibers, it is our recommendation that a 30-06 or 300Win Mag and a 375 would cover all your needs sufficiently. Do not think this to be a requirement, it is merely a suggestion. If you intend on hunting any one of the Big 5, it is required by law that a 375 is the minimum caliber with which you will be permitted to hunt.


Please bear in mind that according to South African law, it is prohibited to bring a semi-automatic firearm into the country. You are also limited to bringing in 200 rounds of ammunition per caliber into the country. Depending on how many animals you aim to shoot, we suggest about 60 rounds of ammunition per caliber should be adequate. Remember the cleaning equipment!.

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