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Trophy Hunting Safari

When planning your trophy hunting safari in Africa it is important to consider a few different aspects.We offer some tips and

suggestions for planning your safari and also provide some information on options that we have available. The intention is to be

informative rather than present our services as superior to any other.


Suggestions when planning your trophy hunting safari:


  • Trophy Hunting Area and Country:

Trophy hunting is offered by various companies in various countries on the African Continent. The country you choose will be

determined by the species you are interested in pursuing as well as the ease with which the logistics around your hunting safari

can be planned


  • Budget:

Some of Africa's most remote hunting areas can offer exceptional experiences, but the logistics involved in getting there and

maintaining a well functioning hunting camp is often quite costly and as a result these safaris will tend to be more expensive.


  • Professional Hunters:

The professional hunter leading your trophy hunting safari will greatly influence the success rate and it is advisable to hunt with

someone who has experience of the area and pursuing the various species in the hunting area.


What we can offer:


  • Experienced professional hunters and various concession areas in South Africa to hunt virtually all of the species available on the sub continent. Also some big five concessions in both Botswana and Zimbabwe. We have been conducting hunting safaris for many years and remain committed to making your trophy hunting safari the  experienceof a lifetime.

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