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Tony Denison's Rhino Hunt

During the first week of July 2018, I flew into Johannesburg where I met my PH Gordon Stark from Nhoro Safaris and then we flew to Port Elizabeth. From there we drove three hours to Tan Safaris in Cradock. I needed to a rhino to complete my Big Five. On the second day, I was successful in darting a white rhino with a vitamin shot. On the following day, as required by law, a vet then darted the rhino with a tranquilizing shot that he did from a helicopter.

When the rhino was down, we took several photos and then took measurements so the taxidermist could make a reproduction. At that time, the vet gave the rhino a medical examination and an inoculation, deworming medicine and antibiotics, along with more vitamins. Following this, the vet gave the rhino the antidote to wake him up.

This was my seventh hunt with Gordon Stark of Nhoro Safaris, who in my estimation is one of the more knowledgeable big game hunters in Africa. Hunting with Gordon is like hunting with one of your best friends back home.

If you are planning a hunting trip to Africa, you can contact Gordon Stark via the Nhoro Safaris website or by phone at 011-27-84-626-1521.

Anthony Denison

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